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Race Advanced


Give Your Walls a Long-lasting Finish Race Advanced Exterior Emulsion transforms your home by achieving the finish you wished for. It is a water based paint that will keep your home safe from any weather and ensures that it is protected at all times.


Premium finish

Provides all-time protection

Anti-algae properties

Anti-fungal properties

Race Advanced Exterior Emulsion is formulated to deliver a superior, premium finish that transforms the look of your home. The high-quality pigments and advanced formulation ensure that the color remains vibrant and smooth, providing a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

This emulsion is designed to offer constant protection to your walls, regardless of the weather conditions. Whether it’s rain, sun, or dust, Race Advanced Exterior Emulsion forms a durable barrier that protects your home from the elements, ensuring that it looks new and well-maintained all year round.

One of the significant benefits of Race Advanced Exterior Emulsion is its anti-algae properties. The paint is engineered to resist algae growth, which is particularly beneficial in humid or rainy climates. This feature helps in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of your walls, preventing the green and black stains that algae can cause.

In addition to being anti-algae, Race Advanced Exterior Emulsion also has anti-fungal properties. This ensures that your walls are protected from fungal growth, which can cause unsightly marks and damage the integrity of the paint. The anti-fungal protection helps in keeping your walls healthy and looking their best.

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