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About Us

Established in 1969, Calton Paint Pvt. Ltd. is a quality manufacturer of decorative and industrial paints and has always aimed towards achieving and maintaining high-quality standards with our collection of innovative products that are designed to deliver valuable solutions.

We Offer

Decorative and Industrial Paints

Prevents cracks and colour fadingMaintains a vibrant lookPrevents fungus and algaeProtects against extreme weatherKnow More
Know MorePure acrylic exterior wall finishAnti-algae propertiesDust-proof technologyWaterproofing solution
Know MoreOffers premium protectionWater resistantProvides an impeccable shineMaintains a rich finish
Know MoreAnti-fungal propertiesAnti-algae propertiesProvides all-time protectionPremium finish
Know MoreProvides hygienic environmentKills of infection-causing bacteriaAntibacterial
Know MoreOffers a wide range of shadesMore paint coverage than
regular distemper
Maintains a luxurious shine finish
Know MoreOffers a wide range of shadesA smart upgrade to
regular distempers
Smooth finish to the wall
Know MoreLead-free with high paint coverageBeautiful matt finishProvides twice the water resistance
Know MoreCan be applied on cement,
concrete and tiles of terrace
Heat reduction up to 10° CUV resistance, anti algae and
PU hybrid Polymer base/fibre
Know MoreAnti algae and AntifungalCools down your home with
heat reduction properties
Thick, seamless durable membraneWaterproofing solution
Know MoreEco friendly productAnti algae and antifungalPrevents chalking Extra
whiteness & opacity
Longer life
Know MoreEco friendly productWater-based wall finishesFortified with fungicidesExcellent coverage to walls

Why Choose Us?

Quality Assurance
Legacy that maintains strong quality control
Advanced Technology
Systematic process that unleashes the innovation
Anti Algae/Anti Fungus
Smart paint upgrade that says no to algae and fungus
Smooth Finish
Silky smooth finish that reflects perfection
Standardised norms that ensure environmental safety
Weather Resistant
Certified weather-proof technology that ensures total protection

A Color For Every Emotion

Treat Your Every Sense To A Colorful Delight